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Child Enrolment Lite Client (CELC)

As per UIDAI’s Child Enrolment policy - in case of children below 5 years of age - the biometric attributes, viz. fingerprint and iris images are not captured, thereby making child enrolment process fairly simple in comparison to that of those above 5 years of age.

Keeping this in view a different system of enrolling children below 5 years was conceived which would make enrolment of such children convenient and swift. In line with this, an android based lite enrolment client viz; Child Enrolment Lite Client (CELC), has been developed by UIDAI to enable swift enrolment of children below 5 years. The client will be used to enrol the children by capturing just the photograph and few demographic details in addition to biometric authentication of parents and the operator. Only Proof of Relationship (PoR) document is required to enrol the child. India Post Payments Bank brings this facility of Child Enrolment in Aadhaar at your doorsteps.

Our proficient and experienced team assist aspired individual who want to be a part of CELC in registration and exam process in entire procedure. Further, technical support also provided by us at each single step for complete assistance.

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