Authorized Channel Partner (LSP) of DoIT&C (Govt. Of Rajasthan )

DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

We provide Integrated Digital Security Infrastructure for Encryption with Signing, Digital Signatures & Certificates Authentication using Public Key Infrastructure with the help of Aadhaar authentication or Finger Print Scanning Devices.

Mewar Education is a Licensed Registering Authority of E-mudra Certifying Authority in India. We are doing our best with passion in the field of Digital Signature certificates for a long.

Mewar Education issues digital signatures based on Aadhaar e-KYC, making the whole procedure of obtaining a DSC fast and paperless. The company has a committed team of experts, who understand this domain, government rules and regulations and the specific needs of business, thus facilitating the digital signature application and related procedures. There are 2 types of a Digital Signature Certificate namely Class-3 – Individual Digital Signature & Class-3 – Organization Digital Signature (Combo).

New Generation Based Class-3 Digital Signature Service

Class-3 Individual Digital Signature Class-3 Organization Digital Signature (Combo)
Income Tax E-Tendering
GST E-Procurement
PF E-Auction Filing
ESI Trademark Filing
ROC Patent Filing

Anyone fulfilling the conditions and terms can apply for a franchise in their locality and start a branch office of the TIN facilitation centre. You can start your own DSC business by associating with partner franchises to process DSC application requests.

During our journey of more than 8 years, we have a proven trailblazing service record in delivering complete customer satisfaction to all our retailer/partner and customers.

Key Features

Signer authentication Proof of who actually signed

Data integrity. Proof that the document has not been changed since signing


Reliability – No Fraud

Security Enhanced

Provide legal validity

Customer Service Enhanced

Environment Friendly

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