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Emitra Plus Machine

EMitra Plus is dynamic Kiosk delivers a robust service delivery mechanism that displays digital signage to guide you to complete process in a simplified manner.

The purpose of “E-Mitra Plus” is to bring benefits of government and private services to the people of the state through modern technology. E-Mitra Plus includes complete digitalization that will enable residents to avail benefits of any service without requiring of going to Government offices. E-Mitra Plus will serve various services under one roof to the larger population in rural areas of Rajasthan, so it will reshape reliability and transparency towards Government in terms of trust. E-Mitra Plus Project fosters awareness activities in rural areas to use Government schemes and Policies. E-Mitra Plus has access to various services on a single click. This one-stop service delivery touch screen kiosk is fully automated with no manual intervention required.

E-Mitra Plus kiosks are enabled with multiple payment facilities where you can not only use debit/credit cards/biometric payments but can use cash as well. Making E-Mitra Plus kiosk as one of the most technologically advanced devices which allows all modes of payments and brings ease to the lives of the residents.

Mewar Education is successfully operating over 500 E-Mitra Plus machine to give benefits to the community in rural to urban area of Rajasthan. Daily Work performance and its maintenance supervised by our trained team members which ease its operation to avail its services.

Key Facilitation of E-Mitra Plus Kiosk

A Touch screen as ‘Transaction Screen’ used to print copy of certificates like

Utility Bill Payments

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