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onex led provides you the best range of led lightbulb effective & timely delivery. Energy efficient alternatives to incandescent light bulbs have been available for a long time. Since the incandescent light bulbs havebeen the dominant light source for illumination. They produce awarm white light and can be dimmed easily using inexpensivecontrols, a long-established infrastructure, and do not contain hazardous materials.


  • Portable lighting such as table lamps.
  • Household and commercial lighting. 
  • Decorative and advertising lighting.


  • Model: ONEX, 9 watt
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 4x2x2 INCH
  • Material: GLASS
  • Certification: BEE 3-star rating
  • Luminous flux: 856 lumens
  • (Typical): Minimum 80
  • Power Factor: Minimum 0.9
  • Beam angle: Greater than 120

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